Green meadows, rocks and mountains as far as the eye reaches!

From the first moment you will be astounded by the untamed nature that surrounds the Samnauner hut.

The quite situated Samnauner hut is situated between Nauders and Samnaun and offers a recreation-al vacation at the beginning of the Samnaun valley with possibilities to see mountains and attractions in Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

Austria, Switzerland and Italy

Discover the untamed mountain world at the 3-country borders of Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

Hiking in Nauders and Samnaun

Starting at the hut you can hike to the Kobler alpine pasture or start your hike at the skiing area of Samnaun-Ischgl. In Samnaun you can discover the smugglers route as a round hike or find many opportunities for biking, swimming or wellness - all within a short drive.

Guided hikes in Nauders and Samnaun

Due to the special location of the hut you can discover the offer of Samnaun, Pfunds and Nauders! Samnaun offers guided hikes on 3 days a week, which you can join for a contribution fee.


Guided hikes in Pfunds and Nauders

Also Pfunds and Nauders offer similiar hikes. There you can join guided hikes with a local, certified hiking guide free of cost. Furthermore, Pfunds offers a pasture taxi, which you can use to expand your range of hiking possibilities.

Motorcycle tours in Nauders

On two tires you will find a vast offer as well! If you’d like to enjoy your vacation with a strong engine beneath you, you can explore some of the many day tours in the area. Stilfersjoch, Timmelsjoch or a trip to St. Moritz are only a few – every motorcycle fan will love the drive through the Alps!

Biking in Nauders and Samnaun

The area offers a big variety of possibilities if you prefer to leave out the horse power and use your muscle strength instead. Plenty of trails will lead you across the borders. When you specialize in downhill you will find 150km trails for every level in Samnaun.

Natural lakes to relax in Nauders

Adventure seekers find a variety of extraordinary offers like learning to shoot the archery or catch your own fish at the “Fischeralm”, canyoning and rafting are also popular adventures in the area. For the calmer days you will find a variety of natural lakes to relax.

Climbing gardens in Nauders and Samnaun

For those that want to go even higher, can find several climbing gardens in the area, via ferratas (fixed-rope climbs) and also alpine climbing routes. Every skill level finds the right route. You want to go even higher? Than you are probably looking for a tandem flight. Don’t miss your opportunity to see and feel the mountains from above.

In need of further information? We explored every angle around the hut and are always available for further questions.

Additionally, the Samnauner hut is a member of the 3-country summercard.